Seasoned Legal Professionals With Nearly A Century Of  Combined Experience

The lawyers at Best, Heyns, & Schroeder P.C. have been helping their clients reach satisfying resolutions to legal disputes for decades. We offer mediation and collaborative law as well as traditional litigation services. No matter what type of legal dispute you are facing in a personal injury case, employment law matter or in other legal areas, we will help you reach a resolution that meets your unique needs.

Representing Clients In Jackson And Elsewhere Throughout Michigan.

Small-Town Roots With Statewide Reach

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Small towns do not mean small minds or small ambitions. At Best, Heyns, & Schroeder P.C. in Jackson, we take pride in our small-town loyalty, even as we represent clients throughout Michigan with their complex legal matters. When you work with us, you will work with a team of attorneys devoted to every client’s well-being, no matter how large or how small. You matter to us, whether we are representing you in your local courthouse or before the Michigan Supreme Court.

Our practice areas include:

  • Mediation: Many legal disputes can be resolved without taking the case to trial. To help our clients save time and money, and minimize the hostility between parties in their disputes, we offer mediation and collaborative law services to help you and the other party reach a mutually acceptable resolution in your legal matter.
  • Personal injury defense: We regularly represent insurance companies and businesses facing litigation related to personal injuries and injury claims.
  • Employment Law: We can help your company defend against employment lawsuits and maintain legal compliance over time.

Reaching The Solutions You Need

The team at Best, Heyns, & Schroeder P.C. practices litigation, collaborative law and mediation. In every method of dispute resolution, we use our knowledge, skill and tenacity to help you reach the outcome you need. While we can resolve most cases out of court, we will not hesitate to represent you at trial when necessary.

Tenacious Representation For Business Owners & Insurers

Our attorneys are highly skilled and experienced in insurance and liability matters, including first-party and third-party auto accident claims, premises liability defense and workers’ compensation defense. We seek creative, legally sound solutions designed to save you money and manage risk. Call us at 517-787-2620 to learn more about our approach to these complex areas of law.

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