Is Mediation Right For Your Case?

Not every legal conflict must end up in a courtroom. Often disputes are more easily, effectively and efficiently resolved around the mediator’s table than anywhere else. Choosing mediation may be right for you if your primary goal is to fix the problem and move forward.

Our attorneys have worked as mediators for clients in Jackson and across Michigan for decades. We offer thoughtful, impartial mediation services that bring parties together to build solutions that can work and last.

The Benefits Of Mediation

Mediation is an option in nearly any civil matter, from business law to personal injury. Often, Michigan judges will refer cases to mediation. Those going through mediation see several benefits:

  • Efficiency: Mediators are not held to a court schedule that can extend months or years in the future. They can move quickly and control the costs of extended litigation.
  • Collaboration: Successful mediations often preserve the relationship of the parties more successfully.
  • Less risk: A mediator seeks to build a workable, mutually agreeable solution, which is often far preferable to the “winner-takes-all” prospects of court.
  • Privacy: Because mediation is between two people directly, the matters resolved do not go on the public record.

Overall, mediation is most effective when both parties “buy in” to the process. If both sides enter mediation in good faith, they often come away with a fair, thoughtful solution.

How Does The Mediation Process Work?

In mediation, you and the other party select a neutral mediator who will hear both sides. Once the sides have presented their cases, the mediator reviews the evidence. Often, the mediator has multiple meetings with each party individually.

A mediator can recommend a resolution if both parties request it. A mediation recommendation is only valid if both parties accept it. However, no one is under the obligation to accept the recommendation.

Learn More About Our Mediation Services

Our attorneys have extensive experience as mediators and representatives for people in the mediation process. We can offer you guidance and support through your dispute in whichever way you wish. To get a much more in-depth understanding of our work, reach out to us by email or phone at 517-787-2620.